There’s A War On!

But who cares?

Look. It’s cute what that Dresden guy did, it really is. Set up all of the minor talents of the U.S. into a little network. The Paranet. But the White Council split town once the war with the vampires got hot. Too much to do, too little of it had to do with Vegas. But this city didn’t quit being weird just because those sanctimonious bastards up and left. And quite frankly, those Paranetters just don’t have the stones to do what’s gotta be done sometimes.

So these guys start showing up. Some real loose cannons. The Dark Vegas Three they get called. Everyone’s pretty convinced that they’re up to no good, except they seem to show up and take care of business when it needs done. And it ain’t pretty when they’re finished. I hear a lot of talk from folks sayin’ they don’t like what these guys are doing. But the look in these same folks’ eyes give them away. Secretly, they’re glad that they’re doing it.

Dresden Files: Vegas

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